Spagnola: Nothing wrong with taking a knee – Dallas Cowboys

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Eventually, the Dallas Cattle rustlers were kneeling down, at the same time expressing appreciation and running out the clock.

Cowboys 20, Chargers 17, by the skin of their chinny-jaw jaws.

However, as we’ve come to be aware in the present NFL – hell, this Week 6 in the NFL – a success is a success is a success. Go ask the Philadelphia Birds, experiencing their most memorable loss of the time, 20-14, to the New York Planes. Go ask the already indomitable San Francisco 49sers, multi-week large and in charge as the best group in football after their 42-10 squashing of the Dallas Cattle rustlers, yet the exceptionally one week from now on Sunday pulled somewhere near the NFL’s unavoidable gravity, lowered by the Cleveland Earthy colors, 19-17, experiencing their most memorable loss of the time.

So in the plan of things, the Cattle rustlers got up Tuesday morning 4-2 going into their bye week, one game behind the Falcons in the NFC East and one game behind the 5-1 Niners, Lions and Hawks for the best record in the NFC generally speaking following that embarrassing misfortune to San Francisco only eight days prior.

Also, presently on the seventh seven-day stretch of the time, the Cowpokes will rest. Albeit surely not on their trees since this success Monday night at SoFi Arena was everything except a work of art.

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